Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moments of Beauty

A stunning image by the photographer Wendy Bevan, discovered here on the always wonderful Silent Storyteller.

(Wendy Bevan's photo was styled by Damian Foxe)

Small Space, Big View

Eight years ago Kamilla Byriel, cofounder of the successful Danish clothing company Stella Nova, moved back from Nyhavn and into the attic of her parents' house, just north of Copenhagen. It was the views over the water that drew her back — she says it gives her a wonderful feeling of peace and freedom to sit in the kitchen and watch the sun on the sea and the boats sailing past her home. The challenges of living in a tiny space — especially in an attic, with sloping walls to contend with — means that tall pieces of furniture, hanging lights and large artwork must be stored for now. But Kamilla feels strongly that there's no reason a small home can't be one with personality — she loves to mix old and new pieces that have either a history and/or beautiful details (the same philosophy she brings to her clothing line). Her apartment is an atmospheric mix of old fleamarket finds and Madonna-style statuettes, happily co-existing with clean lined Kj√¶rholm furniture and modern artwork — Kamilla believes that if you choose only what you really love, it will eventually all fit together. As her parents travel a lot, she has more privacy than you might expect, too — her space is one where she can return to at the end of the day to rest and to contemplate the ever-changing sea. More here. Via Bolig Magasinet.

(photos via happyliving)
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