Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweetness and Light

I find this photograph so intriguing — it's like the start of a mystery story, with enigmatic clues left for us to decipher.

(photo by Shinichi Masumoto, via musubi)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Six Ways That Artists Hack Your Brains
From New Scientist: "Since humankind first put brush to canvas, artists have played with the mind and the senses to create sublime atmospheres and odd impressions. It is only recently, with a blossoming understanding of the way the brain deconstructs images, that neuroscientists and psychologists have finally begun to understand how these tricks work." Fascinating.

The Divine Sarah
Sarah: The Life of Sarah Bernhardt is the latest book about the world’s most famous actress. Graham Robb writes a fascinating review of Robert Gottlieb's biography for the New York Review of Books. What a life!

The Wood Stacker
From the Design Observer article by Adam Harrison Levy: "Elwood Shaler has been stacking wood for 75 years. His wood piles are the envy of the valley in which he lives. They are unlike the squat pragmatic designs you often see when driving the back roads of New England. They are monumental."

A Round Up From London Fashion Week
Harriet Quick, Fashion Features Director at Vogue, has a great overview of this year's London Fashion Week on Phaidon Agenda.

The Diary of a Disappointed Book
A charming, slightly bittersweet short film about the year in the life of a book. Via anthology magazine.

David Bailey: The Proust Questionnaire
AnOther magazine quizzes legendary photographer David Bailey with their modern version of the Proust questionnaire.

Design Snobbery
Lauren over at Pure Style Home has a lovely and thought provoking post on the issue of design snobbery — specifically, interior design snobbery. And totally unrelated, but love that barn board table she has in her back yard!

(photo by Morten Holtum)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moments of Beauty

This lovely sweater dress by Zara for Fall 2010 is the kind of thing I can see myself living in once the weather gets chilly — cosy, comfortable and perfect for accessorizing.

(via crush cul de sac)

Living in Harmony

In the west of Paris, interior designer Sarah Lavoine was asked to renovate this family home and provide the parents and children with private living spaces within the house. The apartment on the first level in the attic is devoted to the parents, and consists of a bedroom with an adjoining lounge/office, two bathrooms and a dressing room with deep colors enhanced with lighter tones. The second level of the house is dedicated to the children, with bedrooms and a bathroom done in softer tones of violets and celadons. On the first (ground) floor, the former garage has been transformed into a vast open kitchen that opens onto the garden, making it a natural gathering place for the family. Sophisticated yet very liveable, this home with its generous private and social spaces makes for happy and harmonious living. More (in French) here. Via Marie Claire Maison.


When Gabrielle of Penguin Books was kind enough to send me a review copy of the new book The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography by Tetsu Saiwai, I was intrigued — how would the story of the Dalai Lama translate into a graphic novel format? As it turns out, I was both charmed by the lovely illustrations and impressed by how it covers in detail the tragic and historic events that shaped the life of the Dalai Lama — great for readers of all ages who are interested in the leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I love how morning mists transform the familiar into something new and mysterious.

(photo of Appalachia by Valerie Chiang, via audrey hepburn complex)

Ikea Cookbook

Ikea just published a new baking book called Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade is Best) featuring great photos by Carl Kleiner — each styled brilliantly by Evelina Bratell. I'd love to see this (hopefully in an English version, so I can follow the recipes)!

(via today and tomorrow)

Sponsor Spotlight

Exciting news — Kareem is unveiling a brand new look for his website this week! Besides bringing news of his current projects and latest pieces, it will eventually contain a full archive of his work dating back to 2004 — plus loads of other interesting stuff. Can't wait. To purchase prints of his lovely work, be sure to visit The Suitcase, his etsy shop, too!

Connie of 100 Applegate has another fantastic jewelry giveaway! For a chance to win this lovely antique 1900's French Shoe Buckle Necklace on Black Ribbon (a value of $225.00), leave a comment on Connie's blog (and follow her) by midnight of October 1 2010. Good luck!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hope you have a quiet moment in the morning, before the flurry of the day begins.

(lovely photo by the wonderful hannah of honey & jam)

Chelsea Dream Loft

The LoftLife blog has a great post on photographer Anita Calero's stunning West Chelsea loft — I love the pure elegance of her home, which shows off her amazing eye for form and colour. Read the post (and see lots more gorgeous photos) here.

(photography by Anita Calero/ and Jonny Valiant)

Jennifer Sanchez

Absolutely loved browsing through the portfolio of abstract painter Jennifer Sanchez recently — she has such a wonderful sense of colour and form. See more of her beautiful portfolio here.

(via blue pool road)

Friday, September 24, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a good one. Mine will be mostly a working weekend, but we'll be doing some unwinding here and there, too — books, movies and perhaps a Scrabble game or two are on the agenda. How about you?

(lovely photo is by Morten Holtum)

Simple Home

The recent book Simple Home by Mark and Sally Bailey is one I've mentioned before, so I'm really going to have to it pick up soon — these serene and beautiful interiors are exactly what I love in a home. More wonderful images from the book can be viewed here.

(photos by Debi Treloar)


A playful portrait. I'm always amazed at how tiny newborns are.

(sweet photo of flora june by blue lily photography on the violet hours, via laurabelle hanley on pinterest)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweetness and Light

This Pierre Cardin coat, designed in 1962, is just the most ethereal blue. Love.

(from bricolage, via Susan's style pinterest board)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Rue Magazine
The highly anticipated premiere issue of Rue magazine is out! And it was well worth the wait — I for one am still swooning over Victoria of sfgirlbybay's gorgeous home. Make yourself some tea and prepare to be happy.

Raymond Carver Mad Libs
Write your own Raymond Carver story with this handy template! Via the morning news.

Sweet Paul Magazine
And more reading goodness! The fall issue of the always delicious Sweet Paul magazine is out — follow the link for a great preview of what's in store in the print version. Lots of great recipes and crafts — and gorgeous photography and styling as always.

Soda Pop Stop
Check out this great short documentary about a grocery store in Los Angeles that only carries soda pop — over 500 kinds, no less, and most without high fructose corn syrup. The variety is dazzling — and it's an education to find out how many types there are out there. I for one would love to try the delicately pink-coloured rose soda, made with real rose leaves. Sounds amazing. Via kottke.

Fall Music Preview
NPR has a great roundup of some of this fall's most anticipated albums — and tracks for you to listen to as well. Looking forward myself to new Brian Eno and Tricky.

Top 10 Stories About Sisters
Cathy Cassidy chooses ten novels that examine the relationship between sisters, ranging from Pride and Prejudice and I Capture the Castle to The Color Purple.

We Love Typography
A wonderful site featuring type-related images and quotes. Beautifully curated.

The Michael-in Guide to New Orleans
Michael Stipe of the legendary REM shares his fave places to eat, hang out, see music and more in New Orleans — just in time for me to share the link with my brother, who just went there for a visit! Via GOOP.

(photo from the portfolio of design firm heyhome, via the beautiful soup)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moments of Beauty

Audrey Hepburn — a beautiful face and a beautiful dress.

(via audrey hepburn complex)

Poetry in Colour

Owners Kaat and Kris Steyaert wanted their early 20th century Belgian guest house to be as warm and welcoming as possible for family and friends. As they had their own vision for what they wanted the space to be, they divided up the responsibilities for renovation between themselves — Kaat was responsible for decorating and her husband Kris chose the building materials, such as the cement used for the kitchen walls (covered with a waterproof varnish for a polished look). When it came to adding art, the couple asked their friend, painter Geertje Vangenechten, to decorate their home by painting directly on the walls. Kaat says, "I wanted to create a different ambience of each room, playing with colors and floral patterns on the wall." Working with a theme of flowering Japanese cherry branches, Geertje painted a detail of it in every room, varying the colours (red, pink, orange, purple) depending on the room. Stretching over three floors, their house is now a colourful and poetic place to spend a few days in Belgium. More here. Via Marie Claire Maison.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Autumn. There's a new crispness in the air, the farmer's market overflows with good things, and there's the happy anticipation of the leaves changing into brilliant colour. My favourite time of year.

(lovely photo by the amazing Peggy Wong)

Miles of Light

I am seriously taken with these delicately beautiful photographs by Romina Bacci, available as prints from her etsy shop, Miles of Light. These particular images are from her Marina series, and make me long for the seaside. Gorgeous.

(discovered via pia jane bijkerk)
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