Friday, August 20, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely and relaxing one. All the recent thunderstorms have given a slight chill to the air — not quite enough to light a cosy fire like this one, but it's a nice change from the humidity. What's your weekend looking like?

(photo by Morten Holtum)


Geisslein said...

love this me a cozy feeling! Hope your weekend will be a cozy and lovely one! greetings from sunny germany, geisslein

Anonymous said...

I love this picture. Think I've even blogged it myself. I can't wait for this weekend to begin. My boyfriend and I are throwing a moving-in party tomorrow and doing nothing all sunday in our new bed. We've been in a crazy moving mess for almost 2 months, and everything has to be done by tomorrow for the party. So can't wait for that!

Have a nice weekend!

Giulia said...

Defrizzing my hair. Seriously. Picking tiny sprouting mushrooms off of Julie the Cat's head. (OK, kidding.)

Humid...thunderstorms? You ought to live in Washington, DC. Taking self off to shower (again) & will think cool thoughts & this photograph.

Whine. Moan. OK, I'm done. Sorry for being a silly visitor.

Have a good weekend, Lori.


paislea said...

this picture makes me want the weather to get nasty so that i can curl up next to my fireplace! i love it!

Unknown said...

Simply beautiful. What a cozy and inviting space.

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