Monday, September 22, 2008

Small Space, Big Style

The living area in the Paris apartment of Corinne Muller has been kept as open as possible to create a sense of space and to allow the uninterrupted flow of natural light. The white-lacquered cubes serve as storage and dressing areas, while a board between the cubes acts as a simple office area -- and it can be easily lifted to one side to allow passage into the next room.

The kitchen is composed of two modules placed diagonally to each other. Humble materials, such as a laminate counter and plywood cupboard doors, keep things simple and affordable, allowing for splurges such as the retractable hood fan and the custom built shelf. The salvaged large cupboard door hides lots of storage space.

The bedroom, open on one side to the dressing room, can be isolated from the entry area by a sliding door. On the Lebanese teak bed, fabric from a trip by Corinne to India adds a note of rich colour. The bedside table is a Korean trunk, while the reading light is an Ingo Maurer lamp. On the left side is a hanging lamp by Noguchi. The light switch is a reproduction of an original Bauhaus design.

The bathroom is an extension of the kitchen, though the recycled plastic tub is invisible from the living room. A simple stainless steel sink takes up little room, while the sandblasted glass walled shower allows natural light into the bathroom.

What was once a tiny dull apartment has been transformed into a bright, pleasant living space with a surprising amount of storage. Owner Corinne Muller asked interior designer Marianne Pascal for a home that had light, openness and fluidity, despite only being 59 square metres in size. Marianne's solution was to create simple box partitions that would provide storage and privacy for personal spaces while leaving the rest of the apartment open. The result is a comfortable space that feels much larger than it actually is. Via Marie Claire Maison.


Jane Flanagan said...

Holy moley that's well-done.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with the orange chair

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