Thursday, February 05, 2015


This week's links. Enjoy.

A Chic Family Home in Notting Hill
Take a tour of the beautiful home of interior designer Michela Imperiali Klemos, with brilliant notes of colour and intriguing art — all a vibrant contrast to grey London weather outside.

A Bold Black and White Exhibition in Denmark
Eye popping op art show by Danish graphic designer Emil Kozak, who took over an empty white space and filled it with black and white ink drawings and serigraph to mind bending effect. Show is on until February 15 2015, but follow the link for a virtual visit.

Top 10 Novels Featuring Works of Art
From Dorian Gray's hidden portrait to Donna Tartt's stolen Goldfinch, novelist Sophia Tobin chooses her favourite books with paintings at their heart.

What's On Björk's iPod
Check out what Björk is listening to these days — so interesting (and unexpected!) to hear what she's into musically. Chaka Khan!

Laura Dern: The Wild One
Lovely interview with the wonderful Laura Dern, currently up for a second Oscar nomination. Huge admiration for her.

Poetic Photos of Women in Nature
Beautiful series of photographs by Madrid-based photographer Elena del Palacio, who creates poetic portraits of young women surrounded by nature — her work has her subjects become a part of their surroundings, rather than being front and centre as in traditional portraiture. Stunning images.

Roasted Nourish Bowl
Love this recipe from The Simple Veganista — so healthy, nutritious and easy. Roasted veggies and chickpeas, served with fresh spinach, quinoa, a dollop of hummus. Versatile, too — you can easily vary the roasted vegetables or proteins.

(photo by alexander van berge for vt wonen)

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