Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Sunny Side Up

Three years ago, Philippa and her husband Stelios lived in an apartment in Malmö, while her parents Ingela and Ulf had lived in a house in Ljunghusen for 25 years. All four were longing for a change — Philippa and Stelios wanted to live in the country, while Ingela and Ulf wanted to build their own dream home. And so they purchased two plots of land beside each other in Ljunghusen and decided to build both themselves. Ulf,an architect, drew up a sketch of the T-shaped home Philippa and Stelios wanted, and they are now settled in there while working on the home for Ingela and Ulf. Bright walls of colour add sunny style to their space, and the many windows flood the interior with daylight, too. Love how cheerful their home is. More here on Hus and Hem.

(photography by tine guth linse)

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