Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet the Sponsor: Bungalow 5

I'm very excited to introduce automatism readers to the lovely online shop Bungalow 5! Based in New York City, the Bungalow 5 home furnishings collections are complete in-house creations, first designed by their architects and designers and then produced by their cabinetmakers and finishers. Striking and versatile, Bungalow 5 designs are heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western classical archetypes while retaining a modern sensibility — these are pieces that will slip as comfortably into a traditional room as a modern loft or sunroom, so it's no surprise that the Bungalow 5 team works on projects throughout the world. Start shopping for one of their lovely and unique pieces for your own home here.

(photos courtesy of bungalow 5)

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