Thursday, March 21, 2013


This week's links. Enjoy.

Love Is ... Minding the Gap
Unexpectedly heartwarming story about the London Underground. Read it and feel better about humanity (and about the endurance of true love, too).

Based on the idea that people are more productive with the sounds of activity around them, new beta service Coffitivity offers those who work from home ambient coffee shop noise at the click of a mouse — plug in your headphones and be instantly transported. Definitely worth checking out if you're stuck at home with deadlines and cabin fever.

The Benefits of Optimism
Interesting essay by Emily Esfahani Smith over at the Atlantic that uses two recent movies as a springboard for an examination on how a positive outlook is the most important predictor of resilience.

Go to Your Room (and Decorate)
New York Times house tour of a modern family home, featuring the rooms that the kids have decorated themselves as well as the spaces decorated by the parents. Fun to see how personal and creative these rooms are.

Built of Books
From Design Boom: "Dutch artist Frank Halmans explores themes of domesticity and memory through his sculptural installations. His series 'Built of Books' employs vintage publications ... which he arranges into stacks, lining them up along shelves, carving windows and doors through each (and thereby) creating sets of imaginary buildings and interiors in each section of volumes." Love the result.

If you've avoided buying designer glasses or sunglasses online because you worry about getting the right fit, the Ditto site has an innovative feature that allows you to try on glasses on your computer through video, using clever technology that measures your facial shape and size. Interesting idea.

The Mysterious Vanishing Island
Recently an island situated between Australia and New Caledonia vanished from maps forever — for a surprising reason. Fascinating story.

The Ten Best Simpsons Songs, as Picked By Their Writers
Revisit all your fave musical numbers from The Simpsons, as chosen by its writers. Love the Planet of the Apes tune, but definitely feel that Canyonero was overlooked.

Roasted Broccoli, Arugula and Lentil Salad
A great early spring salad featuring both leafy and roasted green veggies, with black lentils to make it hearty enough for cool mid March weather. Via Cookie and Kate. 

(photo by karl anderson)

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