Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweetness and Light

After the exuberant indulgence of the holidays, I find that a spell of simplicity is something I particularly crave — lighter foods, lots of water and a little home spa time, too.

(photo by johnny miller)


Peter @ absinthemindedswede said...

I hope Christmas was all you wished for... and I wish you and yours all the best for 2013...

Sharon de Jager said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I've just sat down after two large glasses of water. I'm looking forward to a simpler 2013,less extravagance and more simplicity. Happy Holidays!

The Style Schedule said...

aaah, lighter food - does it exist at this time of year? ... :) Hope you're enjoying the recovery :)

automatism said...

Thank you so much, Peter — hope your Christmas was a lovely one too!

Happy holidays to you as well, Sharon — here's to a 2013 that focuses on a simpler way of living!

And Style Schedule — drinking plenty of water too but still finishing up the Christmas chocolate so not quite there yet! Happy 2013 to you!


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