Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Atelier: Artist Studios

Helen Frankenthaler
Stamford, Connecticut 1984
Photo by Hans Namuth

Robert Motherwell
14th Street, NYC 1952
Photo by Kay Bell Reynal

Alexander Calder
Roxbury, Connecticut 1960
Photographer unknown

Yasuo Kuniyoshi
30 East 14th Street, NYC 1940
Photo by Max Yavno

Eugenie Gershoy
145 West 14th Street, NYC 1940
Photo by Max Yavno

Robert Rauschenberg
381 Lafayette Street, NYC 1968
Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Lee Krasner
The Springs, Long Island, NY 1962
Photo by Hans Namuth

Jackson Pollock
The Springs, Long Island, NY 1950
Photo by Rudy Burckhardt

Love this selection of photos over on Mondoblogo from the 2007 book Artists in Their Studios: Images from the Smithsonian's Archive of American Art by Liza Kirwin with Joan Lord. I've shared a few here — you can see more here. This book would be a great gift for an art student (or any art lover, for that matter).


Alice Olive said...

Thank you for sharing!

Kate Lewis said...

So inspiring! Love that so many of the artists you featured are women!

automatism said...

You are so welcome, Alice and Kate! And definitely had to include lots of women artists — so inspiring to me too.


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