Friday, September 14, 2012

A Quick Note

A quick note to let you know that from time to time automatism may feature a sponsored post from a carefully selected advertiser — one chosen because I feel what they have to offer is of interest to automatism readers. These posts will always be clearly marked as such to distinguish them from my regular posts, and their content will be written by me as well — very much like the sponsor spotlights I write once a month for my regular banner advertisers. The relationship between bloggers and advertisers continues to change and evolve, and including a more integrated approach is one that I hope will offer interesting opportunities for you as well as for automatism.

I am also deeply grateful for your continued support of automatism — my hope is that having more flexibility on the practical side of running a blog will ensure that I can continue to devote myself to sharing the inspiring, interesting, or simply beautiful with you, too. Thank you.


(photo by natasha via everelle)

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