Monday, April 02, 2012

Symphony in Blue

Stylist Mikkel Kure loves colour — he likes to say that there isn't a single white wall in his apartment at Amalienborg in Denmark. But it's interesting to see how he puts it to work in his home — the shades of blue, turquoise and gray he uses throughout actually give the rooms a tranquil and airy atmosphere, rather than making them feel small. Wallpaper designed by David Hicks in the 1960s, paintings by his father and a mix of vintage and modern furniture are enlivened with bright coloured accessories that look great against the soft blue background. A great lesson in not fearing colour. More here from Bolig.

(photography by anita behrendt)


Vikas Sharan said...

Brilliant use of colors & shapes in the it!


Michael F said...

i really like the colors he uses. and where can i get one of those skulls?!

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