Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Quiet Minimalism

This serene minimalist apartment in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, is located in a five story early 20th century Art Nouveau building built by the architect Ciril Metod Koch (star of the Vienna Secession) and located in the city center. Renovated by Ofis (Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik), an architectural firm based in the Slovenian capital, the apartment has been opened up from its traditional layout of a series of rooms opening into a main corridor from the living room to the bedroom. With most of the existing partitions gone, movement through the space is now much more fluid, while raised floors define the more private areas of the bedroom and bathroom. Oak flooring and white walls keep things visually consistent, though interesting details can still be seen here and there as the apartment has retained its original Art Nouveau features and fixtures. Quiet and without distractions, it's a meditative retreat from busy city life. More photos and info here on AT Casa.

(photography by tomaz gregoric and jan celeda)


Alice Olive said...

Takes my breath away.

badBarbara said...

love minimalist like this, but I have sooo many things I love ahahaha!

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