Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Atelier: Madame Yevonde

Mrs Richard Hart-Davis as Ariel

Baroness Gagern as Europa

Lady Bridgett Poulett as Arethusa

Lady Anne Rhys as the goddess Flora

Mrs Anthony Eden as Clio, the Muse of History

Nadine, Countess of Shrewsbury as Ariadne

The Honorable Mrs Bryan Guinness as Venus

Mrs Edward Mayer as Medusa

Today I'm admiring this extraordinary 1935 series by English photographer Yevonde Cumbers Middleton (1893 - 1975). Known as Madame Yevonde, she was a pioneer of the use of colour in portrait photography. These particular portraits were inspired by a party held that same year, and feature society women dressed as mythological beings. See more portraits from the series here on Retronaut.

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The Style Schedule said...

How fabulous... I love mythological references (classical civilizations in last year at high school would do that to you!)... I love them all!

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