Friday, December 16, 2011


Happy weekend! Hope it's a good one. There'll some work for us here, but also plans for a quiet Sunday before we're off and running during a very busy week indeed. What are you up to?

(photo by frédéric vasseur)


Sara said...

I'll be house shopping (and looking for one with gorgeous molding like in the picture above!) Oh, and Christmas shopping... almost forgot.

The Style Schedule said...

Nice inviting living room.. love that rug. A little more gift shopping then I'm done for the week - next week chilling out before the big day! And if I spend one more cent on interesting tree decorations I'm in trouble- its just about toppled over!hhahah

Unknown said...

im having a christmas party with locals. excited! it is an annual thing and every one is always brilliant.

have a good weekend you!

xo katrina

Eighty-Eight Ideas said...

Lori! I love those French Chairs..heaven! XOC

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