Thursday, August 04, 2011


This week's links. Enjoy.

New Hitchcock Film Discovered
Exciting news for film fans — an early Alfred Hitchcock film has been found in New Zealand! Called The White Shadow, it's an atmospheric melodrama about twin sisters — one angelic and the other “without a soul.” Sadly there's only 3 reels left of the original 6, but I'd love to see it anyway!

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
And while we're on the subject of film, check out this fun post over at Apartment Therapy, featuring stylish interiors from classic films.

Planet Tilda
Check out this amazing W magazine slide show of the always wonderful Tilda Swinton, photographed by Tim Walker. Otherworldly is the only way I can describe it.

Favorite Snacks of the Great Writers
Love this. Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton draws the favourite snacks of writers past and present — F. Scott Fitzgerald liked canned meat and apples, Marcel Proust drank a serious amount of espresso and Emily Dickinson enjoyed her own home baked bread. Follow the link to see some more unusual snacks, too.

The Eerie Beauty of Rare Alphabets
For his Endangered Alphabets Project, Vermont writer Tim Brookes carves into curly maple samples of the scripts of disappearing languages such as Samaritan, Tuareg, Cherokee, and others. Check out the slide show, too — they're beautiful.

Cloud Spotting
Lovely and informative BBC photo essay with the Met Office's John Hammond decoding cloud photos sent by viewers of BBC One's The Great British Weather. The photos are just gorgeous. Via The Browser.

The Year's Best Product Design: A $7 Carryall
The design site Core77 has announced the winners of its first competition — and the Product/Equipment winner isn’t a magazine-ready, industrially produced piece of technology but a low-cost, ergonomic carrier for improving the working conditions of global laborers, designed by Vikram Dinubhai Panchal. Brilliant and affordable design.

Honey Season
It's honey season, and Saveur has a delicious range of recipes that use honey in all its wonderful varieties. I still miss the extraordinary orange blossom honey I used to buy from a Polish deli years ago — the flavour was just amazing.

(photo from vt wonen via design shimmer by way of denise at home)


Janine said...

This week's Buffet is full of visual yumminess! Thanks for serving up such inspiring links:)

automatism said...

You are so welcome Janine — so happy that you're enjoying it!!


The Knitting School said...

I always find something curious, enlightening or just plain beautiful in these posts. Thanks!

Alice Olive said...

Another great buffet!

automatism said...

Thanks so much, Knitting and Alice — so sweet of you!!


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