Friday, July 29, 2011

Sea Shanty

A pair of New Yorkers have turned a Long Island fisherman's cottage into a summer home that's an ode to the life of the sea. Antique fish prints cover the walls, stuffed fish (from the coast of Florida) pop up everywhere, a collection of midcentury boat cushions add cheerful colour and vintage signage and marine equipment provide finishing touches. The furniture is also marine themed — a pair of living room chairs are from a yacht, a pretty rattan chair (still with its original seat fabric) once lived at the beach and the carpets are from a yacht club. All of it adds up to a relaxed and fun holiday home that celebrates life by the sea. More here on Elle Deco.

(photography by Antoine Baralhé)


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I think it looks beautiful!

dagný björg* said...


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