Friday, July 08, 2011

Last Stop

When Pernille and Thomas Marqvardsen spotted this lovely disused railway station in Ormslev, just outside Aarhus in Denmark, they were taken with its charm and size but curious as to why it had been for sale so long. As it turned out, the 1901 building was in urgent need of renovation. But after confirming that the foundation and walls were sound, Pernille and Thomas Marqvardsen decided to take the plunge — life in their newly built semi-detached house with their three children was becoming increasingly crowded. So, over the course of a year and with the help of craftspeople, they renovated their new home, completely finishing one room at a time as they knew that it would never get done otherwise. Despite the extensive work required, they've been able to find a happy balance between what they wanted (a large, bright kitchen and living room, which entailed removing several walls) and what they had to keep (the building has protected status). So, in the corner of the living room is the old ticket booth, and they've kept the original safe and waiting room bench, too. With so much of their budget spent on renovation, when it came to furnishing their home they opted for mostly second hand pieces — many with intriguing backgrounds, such as the dining room table and chairs, originally from an orphanage. Family photos, children's drawings and interesting objects add warmth and interest to their already fascinating home. More here on Sk├Âna hem.

(photography by Mette Helena Rasmussen, with styling by Tia Borgsmidt)


fabricatedends said...

I love the photo with the painted wood floor. All of the different designs are wonderful

bits of sweets said...

i love the airiness of white walls and white floors! and the painted floor is divine!

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