Thursday, June 30, 2011


This week's links. Enjoy.

British Classics Go Modern

A new iPad app created by the British Library will make available a "treasure trove" of more than 60,000 19th century books. The paid-for app will be launched in full this summer, but until then a thousand titles can be browsed for free. Unlike e-books, the app uses scanned copies of original editions, which its creators say is the ideal way for readers to experience old books the way the original authors intended — including additions like pull-out maps and original illustrations. Download it here. Very cool.

From Brazil With Love: All About Tropicalia
Feeling a bit blue? Then listen to this lovely introduction to tropicalia, which first appeared on Brazil's music scene in the 1960s and is described by NPR as " ... a mix of blues, jazz, folk and psychedelic rock with a distinct local flavor." It'll definitely make a grey day a sunny one.

Why Supermarket Tomatoes Taste So ... Bleah
NPR's Fresh Air host Terry Gross talks to writer Barry Estabrook about his new book Tomatoland — an eye opening look at the tomato industry. Makes me appreciate all the more the delicious real tomatoes from market gardens — and seriously think about growing my own in pots, too.

Pool Into Museum
This is a great example of inspired conversion — a stunning 1930s Art Deco swimming pool in Roubaix, a small town in northern France, was closed in 1985 for safety reasons. Unsure what to do with the iconic building, the city, after consultation with its citizens, decided to convert it into a museum. You have to see the photos — it's just amazing.

Pendulum Sound Machine
Fascinating creation by Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto, consisting of a record player, two plates, brass rods and iron. When played, it creates a delicate and random ambient sound rather like rainfall, the result of bumps on the record being struck by the brass poles, which in turn tap the plates. Hard to describe — but watch the short video to get the full effect. Via the fox is black.

Wimbledon Fashion Through History
Great Guardian slideshow of what women players at Wimbledon have worn — from the ankle-length dresses of the inaugural women's matches in 1884 to the high tech and high fashion ones worn today.

High Tech Dining
Check out this short video about the future forward Inamo restaurant in London — besides its sustainable interior design, the tables are interactive, allowing diners to choose meals (with an instant preview on your plate), play games while waiting, and even change the table cloth to suit their mood. Amazing. Via Andrew (thanks!)

Summer Vegetarian Feast
Saveur has put together a scrumptious menu based on what you'll find at the summer farmer's market — goat cheese, leek and zucchini galette, chilled green pea soup with fresh basil, tomatoes stuffed with brown rice and feta, spinach salad with oregano vinaigrette and peach cobbler. Yum.

(photo of the home of swedish decorator helene holmstedt by peter phillips for hus & hem. via nice room)


Punctuation Mark said...

i love that lamp... loving your links!

Giulia said...

A great buffet, as always! I was so glad to see you included the Brazilian music link. I play many of those artists every day...Julie the Cat is a fan, too, of course. It's very pleasing to feline ears.:)

Happy Canada Day!


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