Thursday, June 09, 2011


This week's links. Enjoy.

Pure Green Living Magazine
This Canadian online publication is easily the most beautiful eco-friendly design emag around. Check out the latest issue, dedicated to summer — just stunning.

Wearing Nothing New
For her week-long trip to a TED conference in Los Angeles, designer Jessi Arrington packed nothing but seven pairs of undies. Check out this cute (and thought-provoking) video featuring her presentation on how she assembled a wardrobe for her visit.

Cosmic Cookery
Fascinating Slate piece on how fringe religious groups helped start the health food movement.

Far From Itsy-Bitsy
Rebecca Willis discusses how she stopped worrying and learned to embrace wearing a bikini.

Top Ten Pirate Books

Arrrr, matey! Justin Somper picks his favourite tales about high-seas adventurers, from Homer to Daphne du Maurier — and, of course, Robert Louis Stevenson. Great summer reading.

Paul Chojnowski: Fire Drawings
From Design Boom: "American artist Paul Chojnowski works with fire and water on paper and wood, creating photograph-like and narrative images by selectively burning and charring the surface." Follow the link to a view a selection of his extraordinary work.

The Wasteland — 21st Century Version
The publisher Faber, in association with Touch Press, just launched an iPad app of T.S. Eliot's poem The Waste Land that includes a video performance of the poem, notes, commentary and readings from Viggo Mortensen, Ted Hughes, and Eliot himself. This is a really interesting direction for publishing — looking forward to seeing more of this.

Mint Recipes
Saveur has gathered together 20 delicious and inspiring recipes that use mint — perfect if you got carried away at the farmer's market (or have a patch in your garden running riot).

(lovely photo by Paul Massey)

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