Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Love the textures and colours of this beautiful still life photo by Mikkel Adsbøl.


The French Mouse said...

Oh what a wonderful table....I love the rustic texture!

The French Mouse

Marjorie Rose said...

This is a simple photograph with many layers. It makes me want to touch everything on the table, maybe see what those books are about..

Design Elements said...

beautiful wooden table!

Colorful Senses said...

Thanks for the link, I love his photos. All of them are wonderful! And this table is absolutely beautiful; do you know where to find one?
Have a nice evening.

automatism said...

No info on where this table is from — but I'd check out flea markets and vintage shops for one with a similar weathered look!


ginger said...

There is something quite magical about light shining through a glass of water. It makes me feel calmed...and thirsty.