Monday, March 14, 2011

A Note

It's been lovely to have so many great new visitors to automatism recently, thanks to the nod from Blogger as their Blogs of Note pick last Friday — but it's also meant making a few small changes here. Regulars will notice that comments are (regretfully) now fully moderated. Also, for those who've asked — please note that I don't do link exchanges. I'm also going to have to take a time out on responding to emails asking for blog advice and/or info, too. Instead, I'd recommend that new bloggers and new online business people take the time to check out Design*Sponge's great Biz Lady series, where you'll find excellent info on topics such as online etiquette and ethics. It's super helpful stuff.

Thanks for your understanding — it's all wonderful, just a little overwhelming right now!

(lovely photo by the wonderful Pia Jane Bijkerk)


Giulia said...

Oh dear, there's always a downside. Now that you're molto famoso, I hope you won't forget us:)O

I was going to say that The Blog Guidebook at has lots of free advice & widgets for people to make their blogs purty & also etiquette advice, etc.



automatism said...

Thanks so much for the link, Susan — that's great! And of course I won't my lovely blog friends!

Have a wonderful day.


automatism said...

That's won't *forget* my lovely blog friends! SIgh. I think I need tea.


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