Monday, January 17, 2011

Finnish Modern

The lovely country home of Ulla Koskisen, editor of the decor section of the Finnish magazine Plaza. Just love its elegant and relaxed modernism. More photos here, too.

(photography by Morten Holtum and Sameli Rantanen)


Bog-Bog said...

Great interiors, love the minimal chic!

Flourishing Networks said...

I love everything in this post...all the finishings very simple however looks classy:)

liza said...

I love this one. I'd take a bath with that view any day! Thank you for sharing it, Lori.

Alice Olive said...

The navy hue in the first few images is really beautiful.

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh I have missed this one.. It's gorgeous!
Love the Finns. Their sense of design is fantastic. All that scaled back goodness!

x Charlotta