Friday, August 27, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope you're able to get away from it all, whether it's to the cottage, the local park — or in the backyard with good company (or a good book).

(photo from sweet paul via it's mary ruffle)

Groovy Inspiration

This lovely cottage in North Jutland Gerå is the happy result of some idle reading. Two summers ago, architect Terkel Bundgaard and his wife were in Ålbæk Port on the Jutland coast, waiting for the wind and rain to die down before setting out for home in their Coronet boat. Having nothing else to do but wait for better weather, the couple went exploring in a flea market located in a barn, where they found and bought two bags full of BO BETTER magazines from the 60s, planning to read them on the boat while they waited for the storm to pass. Inspired by the simplicity of architecture and the confident use of color that they found in the magazines, they decided to apply it to the renovation of the family cottage. Originally purchased by Terkel's parents in the 70's and recently passed on to him, the property had been allowed to run wild — when Terkel and his wife first drove out to view the land it was so overgrown they missed it at first — but its setting was a large part of what they found appealing about it. It worked perfectly with Terkel's concept of a cottage as a simple shelter to protect oneself against inclement weather — the rest of the time is spent outside. So during the renovation large glass facades were added make the transition from inside to outside almost seamless — whether you sit inside or out, you have the same view out over nature. Now they leave behind the noise and traffic of the city, spending their summers relaxing amongst the trees in their lovely retro modern retreat. More here. Via Bo Bedre.

(photos by Andreas Mikkel Hansen)


A 1967 ad for Hip Pocket Records. Groovy!

(from wax poetics, via things magazine)
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