Friday, July 16, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's as fresh and lovely as this beautiful flower. I think I'll be doing a bit of work over the weekend myself — what are you up to?

(photo by Jane of pure blog, via the wonderful it's mary ruffle)

A Calm Home After the Storm

Looking at this beautiful and serene villa in Ibiza, it's hard to believe that it's the result of a misunderstanding. But so it was when a television producer asked a Parisian architect to remodel what was originally a rundown farmhouse. Once the project got underway, the scale of construction seemed disproportionate to the owner (who thought the house was rebuilt too high, and had lost the simplicity of its original form). After the inevitable clash, the architect abandoned the project, leaving it to be finalized by the master of the house and his wife. Ironically though, almost despite themselves, the architect and owner together have created a lovely home that combines a more cerebral approach to architecture with a relaxed and simple lifestyle. A good example of how opposites can create a harmonious whole. Via Marie Claire Maison.


Summer fun at the seaside with silent film stars Gloria Swanson and Phyllis Haver.

(via happy-go-lovely)
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