Friday, June 18, 2010


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one — and a very happy Father's Day weekend to all the dads, too.

(lovely photo by Polly Wreford)

Diamond in the Rough

When Jim and Josephine first moved into their apartment, they were faced with apricot-coloured wall cladding stuck over green and orange walls, white painted floors and a grim looking kitchen. But the rent was affordable and they loved the space, so after stripping the floors, renovating the kitchen and painting the walls white (as a backdrop to their ever changing display of flea market, second hand store and online auction finds), they now have an airy space that they happily rearrange as the mood takes them. Via Hus & Hem — and yep, that was their dining room that appeared in last week's Buffet!

(photography by Pernilla Hed)


Lunch break on the Star Trek set. Via mental floss.
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