Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Moments of Beauty

Pretty flowers planted in old silver teapots — such a great way to appreciate a lovely collection every day.

(the lovely photo is from the beautiful portfolio of stylist Hannah Simmons)

English Eccentric

Former web editor and avid flea marketer Sarah Bagner not only has great personal style (she has a fondness for wearing different coloured shoes) but an excellent eye for decor as well as for fashion — in 2009 she opened her online shop Supermarket Sarah, where she sells her wonderful vintage discoveries. Cleverly, she uses the white walls of her west London apartment to photograph her finds, turning what is usually a simple shot of items into fascinating and ever-changing online art installations. Sarah is definitely keeping busy with her business, too, dividing her time between her site, a stand at Portobello market (once a month) plus designing for boutiques. Recently she's started showing at Selfridges in Oxford Street, using its exposed walls as she does on her site. Definitely English style at its quirky best. More photos and article (in French) here. Via Elle Deco.

Supermarket Sarah

After visiting Sarah Bagner's great home and shop in the previous post, I thought a little visit to some of the display walls in her shop — Supermarket Sarah — would be fun and give you an idea of what you'll find there. Enjoy.
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