Monday, June 07, 2010


A lovely serene still life by Nan Whitney, to start your Monday on a peaceful note.

Jewel Toned Modern

This lovely home in central Madrid was once an old convent, and despite its shabby state its owner immediately saw its potential. With the talented guidance of interior designer Luisa Olazába a complete renovation was done, taking down walls and reorganizing the space to allow more natural light inside, while retaining such unique original details as the woodwork and the paneled doors. The decoration of the home emphasizes the owner's love of contrasts, with a collection of antiques ranging over a wide range of eras — and with punches of strong colour adding a positive burst of energy to the space. The result is a beautiful home that balances the serenity of its origins and the daily activities of a cheerful family, too. More photos here. Via micasa.
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