Thursday, April 01, 2010

Snapshot: Spring 1

We have a big, old meyer lemon tree in our backyard- right outside our bedroom windows and everything about it makes me happy for spring! The lemons start growing each year in the late winter, but it's not until spring that I get really excited about using them. It's now become a ritual that my friend Dani comes over for what we call "lemon afternoon", where we pick lemons (we have hundreds!) and spend the afternoon in the kitchen (in old-fashioned aprons!) making lemon treats. This year we're making candied lemon peels, lemon infused salt, lemon curd, and some kind of lemon dessert (we haven't decided yet). The warm California air will be wafting through the kitchen and you can bet we'll drink our fill of strawberry lemonade!

— Melissa of Ruby Press

(the lovely photo is by Melissa)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Virtual Sistine Chapel
Have a look at this amazing virtual panorama of the Sistine Chapel. Just stunning — and the next best thing to seeing it in person. Via kottke.

The Shrinking Path
Interesting New York Times article on how the past decade has seen the increasing loss of of career options for professional photographers. Sobering reading for any creative pro — photographer or illustrator.

The Supper Club
Paul Wachter of the Atlantic has dinner at the Whisk & Ladle, an underground supper club operated by four roommates (plus the former one who started it all), who cook 5-course meals for paying guests twice each month. Interesting idea. Via the morning news.

The Colour Black
Paul La Farge ponders the absoluteness of the colour black as he reminisces about his youthful experiences exploring underground caves in Kentucky.

The New Yorker has a look at (and visits) the phenomenon that is Polyvore — a fashion web site for the masses. Via Andrew (thanks!)

Interview With Floria Sigismondi
Nice interview with Sigismondi, who most recently directed The Runaways movie. Fun fact: she went to OCAD the same time I did — and was the coolest (and the loveliest) artist there.

A Supersonic Jump
Daredevil Felix Baumgartner has some ambitious plans for his next stunt — jumping from a helium balloon in the stratosphere at least 120,000 feet above Earth. It's not just for fun, though — three dozen veterans of NASA, the Air Force and the aerospace industry have been working for three years to plan the jump, which will provide research and help develop procedures for future astronauts who may need to survive a loss of cabin pressure or an emergency bailout in the stratosphere.

62 Ways With Easter Eggs
Bored with dyeing your Easter eggs just one colour? Martha Stewart offers a huge range of creative approaches to decorating the humble egg. Via How About Orange.

(the lovely photograph is by Roland Bello)

April Fool

A fittingly fun photo for April Fool's Day. Enjoy.

(from eight sixty-one, via shalini)
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