Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Rediscovering your playful inner child.

(cute photograph by Micaela Ivette on flickr)

Bakery to Home

Anja and Martin's apartment is located in the Østerbro in Copenhagen, in what was once a bakery dating from the 1900s. Before they purchased it, it was an office for an IT company, so they were faced with a lot of renovations to turn it into what is now a light-filled family home. Among their biggest challenges was just waiting — it took two years for their the paperwork to convert their space from a business to a residential space. Once they got the go ahead, though, they had lots of work to do — the existing concrete floor with worn linoleum on top was replaced with parquet floors, walls were removed to open up the space and bring natural light in, grim fluorescent lighting was replaced by eco-friendly lights, new partitions were set up to create a bedroom for the adults (plus one for the baby on the way) and a new kitchen and bathroom too. Eleven years later, they thoroughly enjoy their beautiful home — and the large windowed veranda that opens out onto a lovely garden. Via Klikk, by way of Huset på Planen.
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