Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Little rituals. I have a lovely little hand made porcelain mug that I use for herbal tea — no particular reason why, other than it just makes it a little more special. What are your daily little rituals?

(photo by kkhelga on flickr, via we heart it)

Satirical Hair

I was browsing the always fascinating BibliOdyssey blog and came across this wonderful post on satirical English and French cartoons lampooning the (literal) rise of fashionable hairstyles in the late 1760s. See more here.

Credits, from top to bottom: Miss Prattle, Consulting Doctor Double Fee about her Pantheon Head Dress, hand-coloured mezzotint published by Carington Bowles in 1771; The Flower Garden, hand-coloured etched engraving published by M Darly in 1777; La Françoise à Londres (The French Lady in London), 1771 anonymous print after Samuel H Grimm; Chloe's Cushion, or, The Cork Rump, print made by M Darly in 1777; Le Stratageme Amoureux, ou la Toilette à la Mode (The Lovers' Strategy or Fashionable Grooming), anonymous 1770s etching; Fruit Stall, etching published by Matthew Darly in London in 1777; Quadrille - Evening Fashions - Dedicated to the Heads of the Nation, 1827 print by William Heath and published by Thomas McLean; Docking the Macaroni, a 1773 hand-coloured mezzotint published by Carington Bowles; The Macaroni, mezzotint by Philip Dawe; printed for John Bowles in 1773.

Paper Town Kit

This is such a fun idea — the letterpress Chandler Lane Small Town Kit by 1canoe2 on etsy. I would have loved this as a little girl — and even now I'm finding this super cute. Via Swiss Miss.

New Snapshot Series!

Something to look forward to here on automatism — the newest Snapshot series! The theme is Spring and the images that my wonderful guest contributors are sharing will have you eagerly anticipating this lovely time of year. The series runs each Thursday throughout March, beginning on March 1.

(the lovely photo is by Cori Kindred)
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