Monday, March 01, 2010


A pretty and serene still life to start your week on a tranquil note.

(lovely photo of Heath vase and branches by fiddlesticks & nonsense, via eight sixty-one)

Going Up

This spacious home in Dupleix (France) is the happy result of an elegantly converted duplex. The owners, a young couple with a family, owned the bottom apartment — when the top half became available, they decided to expand upwards. With the help of architect Valerie Mazerati, their home is now a warm and light space for the family to gather and relax, in contrast to the busy city life outside. Read the article (in French) and see more photos here, too. Via Marie Claire Maison.

Meet the Sponsors

I've admired the beautiful work of Elena for a while now, so having her beautiful Tickled Pink Knits as an automatism sponsor is a huge thrill! Visit her lovely Etsy shop for luxurious handmade knitwear, all in natural materials and in original designs, too (both modern and classic). I'm a huge fan of her gorgeous Rococo Shawls myself!

These wonderful photographs are by Jeff Friesen, whose charming and gently humourous images of nature confronted with the domestic environs of the home can be found on his Etsy shop, Wild Life Prints. A visit there will introduce you to such delightful creatures as Walden, the elk unsure about the niceties of using furniture, and Rev Coolhouse — designer, architect, visionary, world's fastest land animal, and much in demand on the Serengeti for designing functional yet flashy dens. More beautifully photographed fun here.

Green Marker

I'm completely charmed by this simple but wonderful idea by GreenMarker — such a poetic alternative to the ubiquitous yellow stickies. Via Elle Decoration South Africa, who discovered it on Dwell.
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