Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Moments of Beauty

The beautiful Dolores Costello, called The Goddess of the Silent Screen. Besides being an actress she was a Ziegfeld girl — and Drew Barrymore’s grandmother. Via Classic Film Heroines.

(the photograph was taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston between 1922 or 1924, and is in the public domain from the Alfred Cheney Johnston Collection at the U.S. Library of Congress)

Priya Kambli

Color Falls Down, a beautiful series of photographs by Priya Kambli, explores the idea of transience and split cultural identity caused by the act of migration — something Priya herself experienced as part of her own personal history, after moving from India to the United States at the age of 18, carrying her entire life in one 20 lb. suitcase. Color Falls Down will be on show at Hungry's CafĂ© and Bistro in Houston during Fotofest 2010. You can see more of her lovely and sensitive work (and a short essay by Priya) here. Love this. Via lens culture.
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