Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snapshot: Joy 4

This is a picture that symbolized joy to me: travelling to new places and finding yourself surrounded by new and different kinds of beauty. I took this picture in Marrakech, Morocco.

— Nina of Ninainvorm


This week's links. Enjoy.

Vincent Fournier and Space Agencies
The work of French photographer Vincent Fournier focuses on the interiors of Chinese, Russian and U.S. space agencies — plus the external training grounds, which look appropriately otherworldly. Very cool. Via Creative Review.

The Most Popular Snowflake in the World
A fascinating short history of the snowflake in design. Via The Morning News.

Betty Boop Cartoon
Perfect for a case of the January blahs — this cute Betty Boop cartoon from 1934 called Keep in Style.

the fabric of my life
London-based Kate, an interior stylist, has a truly lovely blog with loads of beautiful and inspiring images — and a great eye.

50 Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle in 10 Minutes or Less
If your New Year resolutions are beginning to look a little shaky (or never even got started), here's a great list of the little steps you can take every day towards a healthier and more positive 2010.

Reading Your Way Out of Depression

A thoughtful piece by Marian Keyes in The Guardian about how literature can help us through dark times.

First Person Tetris
Silly (and slightly disorienting) fun. Via Design Observer.

Winter Citrus Salad
A lovely way to brighten up a winter meal. Via Mark Bittman of the New York Times.

(the lovely photo is from the portfolio of interior stylist Lucyina Moodie)
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