Friday, December 10, 2010


This charming photo, taken by postman Roger Jones of Tywyn in Gwynedd (Wales) on his daily rounds, was part of a unique project conceived and organized by professional photographer Stephen Gill. Gill offered free disposable cameras to every member of the Royal Mail, and hundreds took him up on the offer. The resulting 30,000+ photos were then reviewed by Gill, who chose the best for the book, Unseen UK, which chronicles the daily experiences of the men and women who deliver the mail throughout Great Britain. Such a great project — and it looks like everyone who participated had loads of fun, too. See more from the series here. Via lens culture.


Cassandra Marie said...

How cool! That photo is so great...I wonder how long it took him to get through that herd lol :) Thanks for sharing!

Giulia said...

That's Wales all right! Very sweet.

I have been held up by sheepses in Italy quite often, too. That's how an Italian friend kept describing them one hilarious day of many sheep-ins. "These sheepses...I am so sorry. They are obligated." I think he meant obstinate but maybe they were obligated.:)

automatism said...

I wondered that too, Cassie! And thanks for sharing that sweet story, Susan — love it. Happy weekend!