Friday, December 10, 2010

Monochromatic Christmas

Furniture designer and carpenter Jesper Møller Hansen's Christmas decorations are in keeping with the natural materials and monochromatic palette used throughout his home — right down to the choice of a large birch tree as a substitute for the traditional evergreen.
Jesper put his skills to use for the holiday, making almost all the Christmas decorations in the house himself — many were created from driftwood found on the beach and branches gathered from the forest. Felt is another material he made extensive use of, both for tree ornaments and for a dining table runner, which also helps with the acoustics — when there's a large gathering the sound tends to bounce off the high ceilings. The staircase leading from the living room to the second floor is also decorated with a charming Christmas sculpture, made by Jesper from a piece of driftwood decorated with black glass beads. It's a relaxed and minimalist approach to decorating for the holidays, celebrating with a nod to nature — rather refreshing during a season that tends to be heavy on the glitter. More (in Norwegian) here on Bo Bedre.

(photography by Lise and Septimius Krogh | House of Pictures)


Stephanie said...

lol at the 'fuck' (apologies) computer wallpaper..
otherwise, love the decor in these photos!

rachel said...

this is exactly how my husband would decorate our house for the holidays. maybe next year once it's done. love all of it@

Giulia said...

Along with Stephanie, I noticed the wallpaper. Hmmm. I like this but I have to say that if they have children, a little color wouldn't kill them (or maybe it would? :)

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