Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Modern Retreat

The Belgian holiday home of Isabelle Townsend and Patrick Deedes Vincke reflects the owners' mix of nationalities (Isabelle is English, Patrick is Belgian) and experiences — their fascination with midcentury design classics was a result of having lived for several years in New York. This influence is evident in their present house, located by a waterway. It had been carefully restored by its previous owners, but it was a little too dark and rustic inside for Patrick and Isabelle's taste. So, while preserving the original structure of the building, they removed some of the more decorative frills (Patrick in particular prefers a more austere style) and made a few other changes such as painting the dark wooden beams in the living room white, making it much lighter. Their home is now a comforable retreat, filled with the colourful and warm vintage furniture they love. More photos here. Via Knack Weekend.

(Photography by Jan Verlinde)


SodaPopGirl said...

This is my design aesthetic. I love the Eames chairs, the mid-century influence and yet it still has a warm cozy feel to me. Beautiful post. Beautiful blog.

purple area said...

Nice style!

automatism said...

Thank you so much — so glad you loved this as much as I did!!


Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful space!!!