Monday, October 04, 2010

Beyond Borders

This tranquil space is the home of a peripatetic Polish-Finnish couple, whose careers have taken them from Poland (where Marcin was born) to Germany (where he met his Finnish wife Cilla at university), to Finland (where Cilla got a job after graduation) to Austria (where Marcin got a job) and now back to Finland, where they've settled with their three small children. Their current apartment in Lahti was originally built in the 1970s and they love its proportions — though they did do a little bit of renovation, which is when they called interior designer Tapio Anttila. Tapio removed the wall between the kitchen and living room to add more light and space, added storage for the growing family (with useful details such as cupboards with sliding doors to sleekly hide clothes and possessions) and installed a gas stove in the kitchen — and designed the foyer and dining room storage furniture, too. An avid design follower herself, Cilla (who speaks several languages) loves reading interior design magazines and is a fan of modernism, as can be seen in the choice of furniture and lamps in their home. The location, by a lake with parks and a thriving local community of new restaurants, cafes and shops and a strong cultural scene was a huge plus — as was the fact that Cilla's family lives nearby. But nothing is ever permanent in this family — they've already asked Tapio to add yet more storage to their home, and there's now talk of a move to Helsinki, where Marcin currently works. Wherever they go, though, their home will reflect their strong and modern style. Via avotakka.

(photos by Riikka Kantinkoski)


Brittany Havican said...

That is one super cool coffee table. Thanks for sharing!

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

This home is lovely and so is your blog :)

This post really made me giggle, their story sounds similar to me and my fiances.

automatism said...

You are so welcome, Brittany — and thanks so much, Anna!!


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