Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Light and Happy

What was once a sadly neglected little house now has a new lease on life, thanks to Jonas Svensson and Tomas Åkesson, its new owners. The pair had been looking for a holiday house for a while when, at a friend's home for dinner one evening, she mentioned that the house next door was probably going to be for sale soon. Sure enough, a few weeks later it was on the market, and — despite the misgivings by other friends over the condition of the property — they bought it at once. Taking on the task of renovating it themselves, they put in much hard work, making some happy discoveries along the way, too. Four years later, it's a house that combines the simple style typical of Österlen with a touch of the Riviera and the Mediterranean. Now their summers and weekends are busy social times, enjoying brunches, barbecues and the occasional festival with their friends and (of course) their great neighbors. More photos here. Via Hus & Hem.

(photos by Peter Carlsson)


Punctuation Mark said...

what a beautiful place... love the white as a background and the great colors and pieces on it!

Sonja said...

Oooh la la!
This is so pretty! I love how the white makes everything pop! those wodden beams on the ceiling are such a great accent! love it! :o)

philippine real estate said...

I love all this designs, so much light and space.

Paula M

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