Friday, September 17, 2010

Island Vintage

The Seminyak, Bali villa of Annelies and Jean-Jacques Audureau looks like it's been there forever, but in fact it was once three old houses, all located on the neighboring island of Java. Jean-Jacques, who is in construction, bought the houses and transported them to Bali. Once there, the couple recycled everything — and sourced vintage building materials that would work well with the old wood of their home, too. Inside, it's filled with many of the beautiful things that Annelies has discovered in her job as a buyer — she regularly travels around Asia in search of beautiful objects, some of which are shipped to Europe. With the addition of a few imported details (such as the Lloyd Loom chairs on the veranda and the European wallpaper in the living room), it's a comfortable vintage mix that exists happily together — much as they do as a family.

(Via mixr — and thanks to Victoria of sfgirlbybay for the site link!)


Marlene Williams said...

wow...the pics are great!
the bed is awesome!...I guess, that heaven looks like that!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

How incredibly beautiful....I love this home & what a lot of love & hard work have gone into it. Gorgeous...
Hope you have a lovely & relaxed weekend hun,

Jessica :: Delicatessen said...

Oh my! I just love the bed! How dreamy and romantic!