Thursday, September 23, 2010


This week's links. Enjoy.

Rue Magazine
The highly anticipated premiere issue of Rue magazine is out! And it was well worth the wait — I for one am still swooning over Victoria of sfgirlbybay's gorgeous home. Make yourself some tea and prepare to be happy.

Raymond Carver Mad Libs
Write your own Raymond Carver story with this handy template! Via the morning news.

Sweet Paul Magazine
And more reading goodness! The fall issue of the always delicious Sweet Paul magazine is out — follow the link for a great preview of what's in store in the print version. Lots of great recipes and crafts — and gorgeous photography and styling as always.

Soda Pop Stop
Check out this great short documentary about a grocery store in Los Angeles that only carries soda pop — over 500 kinds, no less, and most without high fructose corn syrup. The variety is dazzling — and it's an education to find out how many types there are out there. I for one would love to try the delicately pink-coloured rose soda, made with real rose leaves. Sounds amazing. Via kottke.

Fall Music Preview
NPR has a great roundup of some of this fall's most anticipated albums — and tracks for you to listen to as well. Looking forward myself to new Brian Eno and Tricky.

Top 10 Stories About Sisters
Cathy Cassidy chooses ten novels that examine the relationship between sisters, ranging from Pride and Prejudice and I Capture the Castle to The Color Purple.

We Love Typography
A wonderful site featuring type-related images and quotes. Beautifully curated.

The Michael-in Guide to New Orleans
Michael Stipe of the legendary REM shares his fave places to eat, hang out, see music and more in New Orleans — just in time for me to share the link with my brother, who just went there for a visit! Via GOOP.

(photo from the portfolio of design firm heyhome, via the beautiful soup)


Shannon said...

I love these friday round-ups! I always find something to dive into...

I am having a little giveaway (my first) from csn stores! Stop by and enter!!!

automatism said...

Thanks so much, Shannon!! And will dash by soon to check out the giveaway, too!


The Yeti said...

Thank you so much for the weekly buffet. Your posts are always amazing but the link to the Soda Pop Stop blew me away with it's sweet (and bubbly) awesomeness.

automatism said...

That is so lovely of you — you just totally made my day!! Thanks so much!


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