Monday, August 16, 2010

Stina Persson

I've featured the stunning work of Stockholm-based artist and illustrator Stina Persson before, so I'm excited to hear about her new show coming up in New York. Called Perfectly Flawed, it harks back to a 1970s aesthetic for Stina, where the handmade, crooked, and flawed in beauty is celebrated — in direct contrast to the polished, Botoxed and unnaturally perfect look increasingly sought today. The show is at Gallery Hanahou and runs from September 9 to October 1, with an opening reception at 7-9 pm on September 9 (RSVP).


Henrietta said...

I don't usually like watercolorworks but this I like.It's something different not normal landskapes what so many do with watercolors.

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Stunning. Thanks for sharing these great images and this artist.