Thursday, August 05, 2010

Snapshot — Summer 6

Summer has become about markets for me. How can I get to them and what do I really need when I am finally there? It is definitely the first peek into summer when I can go to the farmers' market and get fresh strawberries or buy a ton of cucumbers that are freshly picked. I must say nothing smells nicer or looks more beautiful.

— Jessica of The Shiny Squirrel

(photo by Cassandra Hautala)


Alice Olive said...

Wonderful. I love this perspective on Summer.

erin said...

lovely, lovely! if you have a minute, i'd love for you to check out my summer photo contest. i think you might like it!

automatism said...

Thanks so much, Jess, for your lovely contribution — I'm so inspired to hit the farmer's market this weekend!


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