Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Silent Nests

16th c. Pigeonnier, Rolleville, France (Seine-Maritime), 2005

16th c. Pigeonnier, Mesnil-Lieubray, France (Seine-Maritime) 2004

18th c. Pigeonnier, Paluel, France (Seine-Maritime) 2004

16th c. Pigeonnier, Boos, France (Seine-Maritime) 2003

16th c. Pigeonnier, Hillion, France (CĂ´tes d’Armor) 2005

Silent Nests, a photographic series by Vicki Topaz, documents the now disappearing centuries-old French pigeon houses (pigeonniers or colombiers in French). Discovered by Vicki while traveling across northwestern France in 2002, she was intrigued enough to return to France several times over the course of four years to find and document these buildings with her Diana camera. Read more about this fascinating corner of architectural history in Vicki's essay (and see more of her beautiful series) here. Via lens culture.

1 comment :

Erika said...

Incredible photos! I love that she's documenting a tradition that's fading away. Thanks so much for sharing.

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