Friday, August 06, 2010

A Perfect View

It all began with a little red house in the pretty coastal town of Jogersögård — a house that came with an outhouse in the back, water on only during the summer and that's about it. But Catherine Grundstrom and her family took one look at the stunning view, and decided that it was where they wanted to live. Before they relocated from their current home in Holland, though, extensive work was needed to accommodate the family comfortably in the tiny space. So for seven years Catherine supervised the work of the team of artisans by long distance, communicating through phone and fax. The main structure was opened up — the existing bedrooms were removed, and a main bedroom, kitchen and bathroom were installed. A loft was added, where the sons have their own space — and an extension created the living and dining areas. The decor was kept simple — Catherine wanted their home to focus on socializing, with lots of space both inside and outside for people to relax and chat. After their long wait they finally moved into their new home at Christmas — and have been happy ever since. I particularly love the drawings displayed on the walls — such a great idea. More here. Via Sköna hem.


Jen said...

This would make a lovely vacation spot!

Catherine said...

Fab place.