Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Art Display at Home

Douglas Friedman for Domino

James Merrell for Domino

Justin Bernhaut for Domino

Paul Costello for Domino

Living Room Picture Wall by Lillian Day

Upstairs Studio by VisuaLingual

I was recently having a look at Art Hound’s Favs I, a wonderful Flickr gallery of art in real homes. I've picked a couple of my faves — and have added a few more inspiring spaces that display art from the Domino archives, too. Via arthound.


Shannon said...

I LOVE what Paul Costello did with those collages!!!! This is an amazingly simple idea!!!!

wouldn't this suit a teenager's room? but I suppose everything is digital now adays?

Ludmila {creamylife.com} said...

oh wow, Paul Costello did an amazing job in organizing pictures which I'm sure bring a lot of memories!

automatism said...

Actually Paul Costello is the photographer rather than the creator of the rooms — the other Domino images are photographer credits, too. The two images describing the rooms (Living Room Picture Wall and Upstairs Studio) are the ones by their owners. Sorry for the confusion!!


Erika said...

I love that living room picture wall with that adorable blue lamp. I always prefer rooms where the art is eclectic...they look much more like normal homes rather than "designed" ones.

Flex said...

I like the second photos. So many great inspirations here in your blog. Keep this up!
-House and Land Packages

Paullyn VillaseƱor said...

all these are great! would love to have the 1st or last ones.
thanks for posting !

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