Friday, July 09, 2010

Monastic White

This Italian home has a lovely calm monastic quality to it — the perfect cool and serene retreat from summer's fiery heat. Via

(photos by Pascal Bonnet)


The Brocantess said...

Beautiful post.

.María Florencia Murillo. said...

Really gorgeous!!!I love your blog!, Flor

Studio Speck said...

Love crisp and pure. Unless, of course, you have little hands stained with strawberries and chocolate! Nice post, either way! Have a wonderful day! cheers!

m.fay said...

lovely post! happy to find your blog, it's darling.


hope you stop by and say hello.

carla said...

These white spaces are so beautiful & calming. I like the first picture best- I love how rustic collectables ad warmth and character to an all-white room.

Thanks for sharing, love your blog

automatism said...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments — so kind of you!