Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cut Paper

Georgia Russell Psychologie (2009)

Chris Natrop Black Butterfly Sparkle Bomb (2006)

Peter Callesen Transparent God (2009)

Bovey Lee Atomic Jellyfish (2007)

These are just a few of the extraordinary pieces in Beautiful/Decay magazine's series on paper artists. All were created by cutting paper into intricate (and highly labour-intensive) works of art. See more of the series (and learn about each artist's work) here.


Allister Bee said...

umm. hello. how amazing is this?

this is magnificent. i love it! thanks for sharing! ♥

Ickemixe said...

I just discovered your amazing blog. This post made my day. Gorgeous, magnificent. Thank you!

automatism said...

You are so welcome — so happy you enjoyed these as much as I did!


Pergolina said...

these are so beautiful.

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