Friday, June 25, 2010

Country Beauty

Henrietta's pretty summer home is the result of happy childhood memories of living in the surrounding country, going riding and hearing the song of the nightingale. Years passed, and when returned to the area to visit her daughter Cecilie (who was housesitting in the neighborhood) she decided to build a summer home there and return to her roots. The house was designed by architect Jørgen Grumstrup and built by a team of craftsmen who realized Henrietta's dream down to the smallest detail. Inside, Henrietta did all the decorating herself, mixing Swedish folk with more modern pieces. She says, "I wanted to use the furniture that I had inherited, but not to live as my parents did. I wanted the turn of the century with contemporary feel." With other personal touches such as the old wooden beams in the living room ceiling — made from wreckage salvaged by Henrietta from the beach in Skagen — it's a new home that has the relaxed and well lived in feel of an old one. More photos here. Via Sköna hem.

(photos by Morten Holtum)


Fern and Feather said...

love your beautiful blog, found you via Sarah at Walking Around... just had so much fun looking at pasts post... love everything that I see... Happy Friday!!

automatism said...

Thanks so much — and so lovely to meet you!!!

Happy weekend!

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