Thursday, May 06, 2010


This week's links. Enjoy.

Top 10 Absurd Classics
Michael Foley picks his favourite 10 books that illustrate the absurdity of the human condition — from Beckett to Kafka.

Vintage Christian Dior
LIFE magazine has a nice photo gallery of vintage Christian Dior images, with shots of Dior in his studio and of his beautiful creations.

Travel Tips Learned the Hard Way

Staff and readers of the Morning News share travel tips learned through (sometimes hair raising) personal experience.

The History of the "Dude"
Mark Peters of GOOD magazine takes a fun look at the meaning of the word "dude" and how it's evolved over time.

Whatever Works
Robert E. Lauder talks to Woody Allen about the function of humor, film, and “the overwhelming bleakness of the universe.” Via The Browser.

Around the World in 80 Seconds
Really clever, well edited video that takes you around the world in 80 seconds. Via Kottke.

Printable Bookplates
ImageZoo has 6 pretty bookplate designs you can download for free. Via How About Orange.

Pasta and Potato Salads
Now that the weather's warming up, it's time to break out the recipes for the summer season! Saveur has loads of great recipes at their online site — I've linked to a page that'll lead you to a nice selection of summery pasta and potato salads.

(photo via emmas designblogg)


Sarah Jane said...

really liking the artwork in this image! great finds this week;)

automatism said...

Thanks so much Sarah Jane!!!


Maggi said...

I love your buffet post every week. I look forward to checking through all of your links. Some really fun stuff. Thanks for making my Thursday mornings more enjoyable!

automatism said...

You are so welcome Maggi!!!


liza said...

Almost crying laughing at the Travel Tips! I'll be back for the others when I have some time this evening. Thank you, Lori.

automatism said...

Glad you're enjoying it as much as I did, Liza!!!


blossom said...

the christian dior gallery is just so beatiful & elegant...thank you for the link...

have a lovely weekend xx

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